How Medicinal Mushrooms Boost Immunity – Dr. Isacc Eliaz


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Yes another blog post on the IMMUNE SYSTEM!!!


Killer T-Cells and Immune Response


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Great short video explaining the importance of Natural killer cells in immune response.  Increasing the activity of Natural killer cells is one of the primary effects which specific immuno modulating medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordyceps, maitake, turkey tail) produce on the immune system

What makes a mushroom medicinal?


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What Makes a Mushroom Medicinal?

The short answer: Polysaccharides (carbohydrate chains) help stimulate the immune system, which then either helps calm an inflammatory condition or potentiate an underactive immune system.  This is known as immunomodulation and there are specific mushrooms (reishi, cordycdeps, maitake, turkey tail) which have been scientifically validated to be immune system modulators.

The longer answer:  There is a growing percentage of the global population who are afflicted with auto immune disorders.  When attempting to guide the body back to balance/homeostasis from an autoimmune condition one must be aware that immunostimulation/immunopotentiation may not be desired.  What may be necessary is immunomodulation.

The science behind explanations of the biological activity of  medicinal mushrooms, although sound, needs to be broadened to include long term, large population, double blind, placebo controlled trials.  Polysaccharides, specifically 1,3 and 1.6 beta-glucans, AHCC (active hexose correlated compound) are able to stimulate hemapoetic stem cells in the bone marrow.  Theses stem cells then differentiate into all the cells of the immune system and essentially direct the overall immune response.

As any immunologist will freely admit, the immune system is incredibly complex.  Our understanding of the complex internal and external interactions which effect the immune system is in it’s infancy.  We do know that medicinal mushrooms, because of the bioactive constituents they contain have the potential to rebuild and heal an immune system which is not functioning optimally.  This is good news, which interestingly enough, is also beneficial for your immune system.

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